Aced pip

Just had my PIP report and got a big 0 in all daily living areas. My total points were therefore 0.

I must admit I didn't think I would qualify, but maybe a little short of the overall score. But 8 years into this disease and its a 0! I guess that's good, and one should feel lucky. But taking sinemet, requip, azilect and citalopram, i don't feel that good all the time!

Now I am quite mixed here, as I'm thinking "Great things 'aint that bad", but  on the other hand I have changed my role at work due to dexterity issues, tiredness and a subtle shake, and stiffness. I have also changed my house to a bungalow for ease and the future.

I stated that I forget my meds etc, and apparently because of my job I should have the memory and cognition not to forget. I do though forget - I forget to take my meds to work and forget to take them - even with an alarm sometimes!

It is acknowledged that my symptoms do affect my daily living activities but not for the majority of the day.

So happy that I appear to be pretty good, disappointed in other ways. My main goal of course is to work as long as I can, but this would have helped fatigue and stress by cutting hours.

PD is a strange disease and I feeI should be thankful at the moment mine is not marching on, but on the other side of the coin it reminds me how bad I will be when I finally qualify.