Aced pip

Just had my PIP report and got a big 0 in all daily living areas. My total points were therefore 0.

I must admit I didn't think I would qualify, but maybe a little short of the overall score. But 8 years into this disease and its a 0! I guess that's good, and one should feel lucky. But taking sinemet, requip, azilect and citalopram, i don't feel that good all the time!

Now I am quite mixed here, as I'm thinking "Great things 'aint that bad", but  on the other hand I have changed my role at work due to dexterity issues, tiredness and a subtle shake, and stiffness. I have also changed my house to a bungalow for ease and the future.

I stated that I forget my meds etc, and apparently because of my job I should have the memory and cognition not to forget. I do though forget - I forget to take my meds to work and forget to take them - even with an alarm sometimes!

It is acknowledged that my symptoms do affect my daily living activities but not for the majority of the day.

So happy that I appear to be pretty good, disappointed in other ways. My main goal of course is to work as long as I can, but this would have helped fatigue and stress by cutting hours.

PD is a strange disease and I feeI should be thankful at the moment mine is not marching on, but on the other side of the coin it reminds me how bad I will be when I finally qualify.



I would appeal if I was you 8 years and your pd effects you daily I think you had a difficult twat assess you PIP is about how the PD effects you not the fact you have it. And no one can tell me 8 years on it is not effecting you.

Even your Neuro or specialist cannot tell you how your health will be effected. If you want to talk about this properly private message me.  


BB xx

Hi Forest,


Its best to get a PD UK Information and Support officer to help you fill out the form.  If you filled in the form yourself, you may not have put the right slant on how PD affects you.  After all, moving to a bungalow must have cost a bob or two?  Click the Support for you button at the top of this page and then go to "supprt in your area".   You shouldn't lose out because you have taken a positive and independent approach..  When you talk the situation over with someone who understands PD you may well find you have sold yourself short

Best wishes.