Aches and pains with P/D

Hi Everyone

My mum who is waiting for confirmation of Parkinson's(though very likely),has been experiencing aches and pains in her elbows and knees.Is this connected to Parkinson's? or is this unrelated?

She is in some distress today due to her conditon.

Hello Faraway

Welcome to the forum. I'm carer to my husband and yes, he complains of pains in those areas. There are lots of lovely people in here who will give you support and advice. Hope to chat to you in due course.

Kind regards


Thanks for your reply and i will inform her of this.

We are booking her up an appointment to see a consultant privately because she has to wait for 3 months to see a consultant at NHS(ridiculous).

It will cost £450 but she wants this.

The consultant will then refer her to a NHS consultant for treatment once a diagnosis has been made.

Thanks again