Aches and Pains

Hello I have only been diagnosed a few months and although have been told I have most likely had PD for a long while, as I have aches and pain for a while put that down to getting old, but they are getting worse, had an ache in my shoulder now for months and now both my legs, right one is the worst, I keep going and don’t let it stop me from walking the dog and going to work, but am wondering should I go and see the doctor or is this something I just got to live with, bit confused

Hello Peter, Are you on medication for Parkinson’s yet? In my own case, I have pain in various places that comes and goes and moves around. When my Carb-Levodopa is optimized it helps a lot. I’ve been on medication for 11 years.

Hello Peter - my husband (74) ‘constantly’ moans about back ache, leg ache and is always tired, sometimes sleeping for over 12 hours in a night. Unfortunately for me, it is all part of PD and it is a pain in the … for carers…

HI thanks for the reply
I am on medication Madopar I have just increased my dosage see if that helps
and I am sure that any carer listening to oohs and arrrs must be a bit of a pain, I try to keep them as quite as I can and smile while doing it
My sleeping habits are totally different I don’t sleep that much dreams see to that and always up at 4am or before every day

I am similar, aches and pains, the occasional freeze. My big suggestion is exercise. Contact your local PUK group/branch and/or your Parkinsons nurse and get them to refer you to a PD Warrior group near you. It is hard at first but the more exercise you can do, the safer you are and the easier your aches and pains become. It works