Achievements -magic moments

I was wondering about this post. We all know how debilitating PD is, and some days we can and some days we just can not do what we want to do.
I often sit on an evening, coffee steaming on the bedside table and reflect on the day…try to steer away from the can not do’s and lets write our positives, they are there even on a bad day.

I have had PD for 10 years now and it has been a struggle , but in all the darkness a light of creativity has shone through…I took up painting…have Never been able to paint…but I can now!!

Also managed to bend down and pick a peg up i dropped , without toppling over …bonus!


Hi Esme, :wave:t4:

Congratulations on learning a new skill! :tada:

I think it’s amazing that in spite of your condition you’ve found a light of creativity - I’m sure you’ll inspire a lot of people on the forum. :blue_heart:

Best wishes,

Hi Esme,

I’ve had PD for about 2 years now and am happy to say it hasn’t affected my artistic ability in the least.
I am still unable to draw a straight line even with a ruler.

I had hope too yes ?

Hi CliveV The point is i have never been able to paint , and then some how found myself on a journey, and on my way to my first craft fair.
still have a lot to learn but loving it

Hello CliveV
I’ve never been able to draw a straight line even with a ruler either but I’ve discovered that much of that comes with being a left hander where my hand either covers what I am doing or I am struggling with right handed tools. If you are a leftie it might explain your inability to draw a straight line, Anything Left Handed has some great videos that explain this beautifully if you are interested and/or it applies to you. You never know, you might find your own creative streak should you be so inclined lol.

Esme this is a lovely post. Some time ago I read that many people with Parkinson’s have been shown to present with increased creativity. This may or may not fit with your circumstances but in a way it doesn’t matter, it gives you pleasure and this has led to other things like the craft fairs. I have seen some of your work Esme and it is beautiful, you have every righr to be proud.

Thanks Tot,

Sorry I’ve been on a “safari” and have had very little access to a laptop.
No, I’m not a leftie, as you so eloquently put it, it is just that my artistic abilities are simply non existant, unfortunately.