Achilles tendonitis

after sitting or lying down i have extremely sore achilles tendons. they are making walking or stairs very difficult which is annoying as my general walking isnt too bad.
i have also had some water retention around the ankles. have stopped wearing socks, tried soaking feet in cold water (if you dont mind me mentioning it, is is rather warm here just now) wearing insolse, not wearing insoles. i do stretches once a day but that seems to make it worse.
any miracle cures gratefully received.
it seems ridiculous to lose mobility over one, or rather two, tendon(s).
have considered wearing boots in bed to keep tendons stretched but suspect mrs T (no the other one) would frown on that unless she has a hitherto unknown fetish.
surely the word fetish isnt a problem!!!
is not a rude word.
i shall temporarily acquire a german accent:
ze vord is 'vetish', und tranzverence ovv zexual vocuz onto und klazz ov no zexual objects.
vor inztanz, boots, veet, vood prozessors or kenny dalgleesh.
Hi Turnip,
Apologies for this.

The profanities filter is automated. I'll check to see if we can get 'fetish' removed :-P

I agree, I'm not sure why this one was included. Please bear with us.

Believe me, Mrs T (yours) should get together with Mr T (mine). When it comes to bedroom antics Parkinson's sufferers could write a tome.
I toss and turn (if I can) scream out in pain, stop breathing, talk all the time, get up making as little noise as I can which means a considerable amount, watch horror movies and am now an expert in the genre.
When the stiffness is especially bad I then start bedhopping clutching a bottle of whiskey. None of this is ideal. The only thought I cling onto in the middle of the night is that I do not have to go to work in the morning: this is why I opted for early retirement from the job I loved.
Try Ibuprofen for stiffness/ swelling etc. I generally save it for nighttime and it works every time.
thank you mrs t. never liked horror movies. but i think i will have to try ibuprofen even though its counter indicated against one of my meds, need to be able to walk.
sorry to hear of all your nighttime troubles. havent got to the crying out in pain bit, though came close this afternoon. Do get up for an hour each night and turning round in bed is strangely difficult compared to day time activities.

thanks again.
ps what was your job if you don't mind saying?
teacher of 13-18yr olds French, German, Italian and life.
ps according to counter indications, I should not touch alcohol with Ropinirole.
Well sorry life is worth a few wobbly moments.
Hi turnip
I suffered for years with tendonitis before I was dx with pd. I found that putting heel pads in my shoes helped a lot. maybe this will give you some relief. the pads are inexpensive so may be worth a try
best of luck
will get some today

mrs t - Encore, merci. Mon manager est francais, mais je parle francais comme une vache ecossais. Si seulement...
heel pads- excellent!
ibuprofen - using gel so shouldnt interact with pills.
thanks for the advice. walking much better, typing cr*p.
Hi turnip
Glad the heel pads are helping. When I used them I took them out of my shoes every so often for a rest. You will know when to rest them. Only took them out for a day after the pain had been absent for a week or so. I have not had to use them for ages. If the ankle gets a bit touchy, slip the pads back in again.
Best of luck with them.
My dear 10 year old daughter has just given me a very good calf and feet massage- only $1 for the combo special. Not a bad deal. seems to help a bit. entrepenurial young girl.