Aching muscles

HI every one I'm new to this both emailing the forum and parkinsons. please excuse the spelling in parts thanks. Anyway here I go I was diagnosed 1 year ago but had the condition about 7 years have noticed past 8 months or so that my calf muscles have enyone else experienced this it's doing my nut in. anyway thanks for taking time out to hearing a 57year old mournig old man thanks once again and hope every one is well
Welcome to the Forum. I'm 63 diagnosed at 57. I haven't experienced sore calf muscles but Parkinsons affects everyone differently.
welcome to the forum mack,im ali ive been dx for 11 half years im 43 years old:smile:parkinsons deveops slowley,like spinal bulbar muscular atrophy does.the comman signs for pd is tremor in the hands,slow motions,rigid muscles,bad posture,and balance and is caused by lack of dopamine that excists in the brain.muscular dystrophy is a disorder that makes muscles weak.overtime they deteriate,symtoms are,muscle weakness,lack cocordination,progressive crippling,falls,and ---large calfs---.ive rote this down mack to show you they very very simular to one another,i hope this helps you.there is alot of surport here on puk mack,and good friends to be made,also there is the puk helpline for guidness as well:smile: