Acting out dreams

Hi all just wondered if anyone else physically attacks their partner. I think he's getting a bit worried. Sometimes I shout, talk, scream;; even sing, but although I have lashed out him before last night when he woke me I realised that I was thumping him. Dave stays very calm about it and we have a laugh but its not really funny I just take azilect.

Hi Pat,
Acting out during sleep is common in PWP. It is now considered an early indicator that a person could develop PD later in life.
Read an article about it in the last month or two. Sorry I don't remember what website it was on. Take care, Lin2

Hi I was diagnosed 2yrs ago and i'm 49 now. For a number of years i have had the wildest dreams, everything from fighting with the duvet " because the horse is trying to eat it" to kneeling up in bed pushing the wall " because its falling in". A real peachy one was standing at the window with the curtains open, i was leaning to one side. When my long suffering husband asked what the heck i was doing i told him "the ship the ship its sinking"!O how we laughed! I have been told it can be a symptom of PD but then again who knows.:laughing:

thank you for your reply - it made me laugh. good to know i'm not the only one !! probably my silliest hallucination was the marshmallow man from ghostbusters standing at the side of my bed. My tales keep my friends amused but it is the scary ones I don't like. x

My poor hubby is black n blue some days as a direct result of my frantic dreaming...but I hardly ever remember what I was dreaming about!!


my dreams are also very strange ,
last night I was chasing a "ghost" round the bedroom
that turned out too be the cat.
I have lashed out at something only to hit my poor O/H
I think my dreams/sleeping patterns are worse in this windy weather