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I was told I had Parkinsons in october 2011 taking Ropinrole 10 mg per day, in march 125mg of sinemet was added at three times a day.From april onwards I have been improving,less dripling,less inward shaking,no outward shaking.My walking is improving all the time although this is complicated by me having two replavement kneesPsalmist 139

Hello and welcome to the forum Psalmist 139, I'm sure that you will benefit from becoming a member. There are lost of very supportive and knowledgable people here who are very helpfu. I learned more from this site than from any of the medics that Ive seen. I was diagnosed 11 years ago and didn't get any information from my doctors, however, all my questions were answered here. The information that Puk provide on various aspects of pd is very good and well worth a look. I hope to see you around the forum.


Glenchass/Thank you for your kind and encouraging note.I had this thought that all humans are a complicated equation and the parkinsons drugs is a simple equation what is required is to match them Am I being to complicated psalmist 139

Hello Psalmist 139, you are so right about matching meds to pwp and thats often a very long haul. It's so annoying that in the main we need to suffer until we find the right combination aand that can take ages. Then just when we think alls well...our bodies get used to them and they are no longer as effective and we start all over again. It seems to be a never ending cycle, my concern is what happens when we reach the end?


Glenchass A HAPPY CHRISTMAS and peaceful new year.We are looking after two charming Grand children and I WILL TRY TO GET BACK IN TOUCH IN THE NEW YEAR PSALMIST 139

Welcome psalmist 139 and a belated happy christmas! I'm intrigued by you name, as psalm 139 is my favourite psalm and means a lot to me.

I'm 54 and have been dx 3 yrs now and find ropinirole and sinemet, plus a couple of others work well for me.


Karen I chose psalmist 139 I met a couple of parkinsons sufferers who thought that they were having a religous experience. personally I seemed to be mentally much more allert.Psalm 139 is not that easy if you have doubts but when you have had my life constantly flirting with failure and only a wife to believe in me and support ,it is easy to believe her love was god given Then parkinsons arrived and it becme sligthly more clear so I launched my self only to find Glenchass and his polite approach.

hi psalmist 139,welcome to pduk:smile:im ali ive been dx for 11 years,im 42,there lot of surport on puk,and good freinds to make :smile:hope to see you around the forum,and have alovley new year,that goes to the other members on the thread to:wink:

Hello and welcome!