It is almost one year since my diagnosis (29h September) not that I will celebrate. I have kept myself physically active; I was told to go for a walk of a minimum of 2 miles every day rain or shine and I’ve certainly done that - some days 5 miles (if I do 6 miles my achilles tendons become a bit sore - when I did 7 my toenails blackened and fell off) besides doing workouts which include push and crunches and gentle jogging - next week tai chi lessons resume so I will get back into that.
In March my PD nurse told me to keep my “mind active” - a week or two back I downloaded a scrabble game to my mobile - I suppose that will keep my min active - I even played while in the dentist waiting room. Does anyone else play games to keep their mind active?

Hi @Justthisguy, :wave:

Wow, your commitment to living an active life is inspiring and truly impressive by any standard, whether you have Parkinson’s or not. I noticed that you mentioned that you’d like to play games to keep your mind active, we have and social section on the forum where several of our members where they play word games using music and riddles which you may want to join. I have listed a few of the threads below for your attention:

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Hi Justthisguy,
Hello. You certainly keep busy. Well done. Maybe you should try some of the games Rhea suggested as well for a change. I do one or two myself.I also play games and cards at home, but mainly because I enjoy them. If they should be good for my mind, that is a bonus.
Keep up with your activities , and enjoy.
Also, there is a poetry corner if you are interested.

Thanks Rhea & ElleMac. I have had a go at some of the games which Rhea has suggested and may have another go sooner or later - after all variety is the spice…
Thanks again - best wishes to you - best wishes to everyone.

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