Activities to keep someone with PD busy

My dad has PD and has now been diagnosed with prostate cancer stage 3. This has affected his mood even further. He’s always been fairly solitary so doesn’t want to join support groups. Does anyone have any ideas of activities he can do to keep him busy during the day please? Preferably ones within the home as he can’t drive and won’t walk outside on his own. He’s not artistic at all and currently uses a treadmill daily for gentle exercise. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi Sarah, and welcome to the Forums. We’re very sorry to hear about your dad. While I’m sure the forum community will have loads of great advice, you can also see some suggested light activities here: Please feel free to peruse our site using the search bar. You can even find local activities that your dad might find amenable. And you can call us for free and confidential help at 0808 800 0303 or email us at [email protected] if you prefer. Thank you for sharing your story.

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Hi Sarah
My husband is the same and has no hobbies.
He uses an exercise bike for a short time each morning
I got out a jigsaw I have had for ages and he has become quite absorbed with this
Hope this helps

Hi Sarah

Is he online? How about researching his family history? This can be very absorbing and may take years!
Hope you find something that suits…