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Does anyone know anything about the benefits of acupuncture? Or maybe even tried it?
Hello KF73,

I had accupuncture late last year in my left arm, that's my pd side. The treatment was suggested by my physio in an attempt to alleviate pain and severe muscle spasms in my left arm and the results were bizzare. I have had accupuncture before but not within the last 12 years since dx, so I was not concerned or nervous about the procedure. The nurse began by puting the first needle in my shoulder...not bad and very bearable, however, as she proceeded down my arm and into my wrist then the base of my thumb I almost hit the roof.

It was as if all the nerves in my left arm were being affected by the needles and I my thumb began to shake dramatically. It was so painful she had to remove the needles straight away. She said that she had never seen a reaction like that before and she had no idea why it might have happenend. All I know is that, that pain was very real and it went away as soon as she romoved the needles.

Despite my expereience i have ehard others say that accupuncture has helped them, so good luck if you decide to have it.

Thanks Glenchass

I'm going to look into it further and speak to my Neuro consultant about it.
I've had quite a bit of acupuncture. It works well for me. It seems to balance my neurological state. It has to be topped up every fortnight. Worth it though.

I’ve just seen something about Auriculotherapy, which involves leaving titanium microimplants in the cartilage of the ear. Has anyone any knowledge or experience of using this to alleviate symptoms?