I wish to share my experience of acupuncture therapy with as many of you as possible? I will explain mine, but more importantly  - to me anyway! – I would like to hear about your experience for comparison. I have had acupuncture for several years. In the beginning I found it very beneficial although it was hard to define in the midst of changing medication, weather conditions, moods etc. what was due to acupuncture and what was due to something else. I tried to monitor the strength of symptoms by using UPDRS and I was very sure that acupuncture had a beneficial effect by suppressing or dampen down the symptoms, but lately I have been less sure. Have others had the same experience and why should that be? - and after how many weeks/months/years of treatment?

I've been having acupuncture for about a year and a half. Sometimes I think it helps, sometimes not. With something as variable as PD, it's hard to know what's helping and what are just the natural fluctuations of the disease.

My next treatment is mid-February, and after that I'm going to stop for a while to see if I notice any difference.

I've been getting acupuncture on a weekly basis for the past year. I'm convinced that it helps with balance and also the aches and stiffness and  that I was experiencing. The acupuncture is a very important part of my treatment plan that includes coconut oil, 30 minutes of exercise daily and, most importantly, a LOT of turmeric. If anyone would like to give it a try without purchasing supplements,  I'd suggest a brisk 30 minute walk (faster than normal, as if you're late for an appointment) followed by a generous serving of strong homemade yellow curry with black pepper (important-don't skip the pepper. It vastly improves the effectiveness of the turmeric). with one tablespoon of coconut oil mixed in. For me, the results have been a  dramatic improvement.

If this works for you , please let me know.




Surely you don't have a curry every day!eek