Addenbrookes cognitive examination

My husband was diagnosed with PD in 2014, he has recently had an addenbrookes cognitive examination and overall score was 77/100, just wondering if anyone can explain to me the result .Also he had face to face examination for pip application, he had help filling in the form and is unsure what the support worker has indicated on the form,  the atos healthcare person, indicated that the form was very complex that is why he had been called for face to face interview, im worried that they will reduce his pip claim, he already receives enhanced living and standard mobility, his condition has worsened since diagnosis, can anyone advise please. thanks in advance


Hi Yvonne and welcome the forum

I know very little about the Addenbrookes cognitive exam and nothing about how to assess a score. I think your best option would be to talk to the person who gave you the test or your GP. They should be able to explain what it means for your husband.

Was it a Parkinson's UK support worker who helped you with the PIP form? Can you speak to them again? If you don't have contact with your local Parkinson's UK team the helpline people can give you their details. The helpline is on 0808 800 0303.

I hope you get a good result from your PIP application. Please keep posting and let us know how you get on

Elegant Fowl

Hi elegant fowl,

Hubby had got support from age uk when filling in his original claim still under investergation  at the time and was waiting to go for his dat scan, so we just went back to them, the representee was not the same one as she was on maternity leave so did not know hubby, just took a few more notes and didn't fill the form in at our home visit, so he doesn't really have a good idea what information was given on the form. Wish we had gone to our parkinsons  support worker, whom he forgot to mention we had at assement, (the assessor wouldn't let me speak). All i can say was the assessment was awful and i hope the outcome is better than expected. He is ok some days mind wise, but physically he does struggle with dressing, shaving and eating, hes had three falls in less than a month one to the point he was so bruised he visited the GP. I will contact his GP regarding the test results as im unsure of the meaning and they were not explained but letter has suggesting he is refered to mental health clinic.


Yvonne x

Hi Elegant Fowl

Parkinsons nurse explained results to me and the score suggests lewy body dementia, and he has been refered to physciatrist. His pip application was turned down 7 points for daily living 0 for mobility, we have asked for a madatory reconsideration, with help from a parkinsons uk advisor, gp and parkinsons nurse.I think the atos assesor had her eyes shut when he had his meeting, just hope it gets reconsidered.




Sorry about the delay in replying. I hope the psychiatrist will be able to offer some support to your husband. If you have your GP, Parkinson's nurse and Parkinson's advisor on your side I hope you can get the PIP assessment reconsidered.