Addiction pier support group

Dear fellow Parkinson’s sufferers, my name is Michael and i am in the process of starting a pier support group for PD sufferers who have suffered addiction problems after starting PD drugs, as i have done. The objects of the group will be meeting for mutual support, raising awareness, demanding better support from existing such as adult care direct who would not even acknowledge the problem was real in my case and suggested to my PD nurse that i just stop taking the drugs. Plus many other topics. The group would cover Ashington,Morpeth to Gateshead. The stage i am at Is CVS are writing my constitution so i can start applying for funding. This message is an appeal for two other PD sufferers who have had similar problems to myself to be on the board of the group with me. I live in Gateshead and have my own transport, so getting to meeting ect would not be a problem for you. After watching Chris Jacksons report on inside out program i realised i had to get moving with this project, but can not do it alone. I was at the realistic medicine medicine conference last week and spoke to many doctors who were not aware of these issues. I look forward with anticipation of your replies, Michael.

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Hi @michael1962,

I hope all is well.

It’s great that you want to set up an addiction pier support group for people with Parkinson’s. You might be interested to know that we over 300 local group across the UK for people affected by Parkinson’s - these groups provide opportunities for face to face support and discussions on a range of issues associated with the condition.

In light of the information you’ve shared, you may want to consider becoming a volunteer for your local group, if so, there’s more info on how you can become involved here - .

I hope you this helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

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