ADHD lead to PD?


I've had ADHD since I was a client. I recently went back on Concerta which is a DA, and that ended up highlighting the fact I may have Parkinsons. As instead of sorting my concentration, the Concerta acted as a pain killer - helping with stiffness, freezing and pain.

I've been with mental health for a while now. But never had a firm diagnoses beyond ADHD, despite really disabling psychiatric problems. Anxiety, depression etc. 

So PD does seem to fit. 

A hospital doc told me last week. So went to my GP to ask for an appointment with a neurologist. I'm seeing my psychiatrist next week to ask the same. 

The problem I have is if I do have PD I'm not 'untreated' as I'm already on a type of DA, So wondering what they will do to help me.

Life is pretty hard, as I feel as if I'm fading. I literally don't have the skills I once had. But this site has really helped, so thank you everyone. 


Hi SeaSide,

lI think you have been misinformed...

"Is Concerta a dopamine agonist?
Answer: No, Concerta is not a dopamine agonist. Concerta is an ADHD medication."

I think you need to be referred to a neurologist if you have symptoms of Parkinson's for a proper assessment , so keep requesting it.

Good luck!