Adjustable Beds


I looking to buy an adjustable bed , can anyone offer any advice on the best sort?

Thank you.



Try a few first. Most use memory foam that not everyone gets on with. Go for two way, head and feet. They'll be cheaper online and check ebay or gumtree. I got one 2yrs old for £35 - helps get comfy quicker than using pillows.

Thanks for the tip, I will certainly check out the ebay/gumtree route first - good idea.



Don't forget to check out that the controls are easy for you to use and that the cord allows for storage of the control unit where you can easy get to it when you need it!


Needing to replace  my bed and wonder if anyone can suggest a brand that's suitable for me.  Don't need an adjustable one yet but would like a firm mattress so moving is easy.



Such items need to be overseen by  either an occupational therapist or other medical professional to ensure that it meets your needs,. It could be an expensive mistake if you don't get the right one.

Same goes for shower stools, toilet raised seats etc.Don't just got to your local mobility centre to buy one, have expert advice on what is right for your circumstances.

Hi benji


Many thanks for your very sensible reply.  Will get in touch with the OT's. 



Hi Powrie

My wife and I spent a lot of money on an adjustable bed about 18 month ago which was ideal then but as my PD got worse I found the mattress's were too soft.The makers supplied me with the hardest they had but I still found turning over very difficult. I then went to a friend who markets foam and ordered the hardest he had and it has made all the difference.It cost me about £150.00. I had to buy it in 3 inch thick and 4 inch and stick the two together to match the mattress on my wife's side. It has made all the difference to my sleeping as I can now turn over without any problems and consequently get a good nights sleep.

I hope this helps.


Just a tip to anyone purchasing an electric adjustable bed.  It might be possible to get this type of bed free from your council - get the OT in and get assessed if like my husband he needed help getting in bed and I had lots of problems helping him so much I was having problems with my back.  When he sat on the bed he could not get his self in far enough so i had to pull him over by his shorts, then because he sleeps a bit upright I had to push him up the bed,   The OT came out a few times with suggestions so the last time I asked her would she like to try to get him in bed, she couldnt so I said a hospital bed would be better as it can go so low that he could get into bed easier then highter for me to help him without straining, the head part raises so again was helpful raising his upper half and the bed raises slightly near the knees which is great for his back.  We tried one out and then the OT asked for funding for us and hey ho we got a bed and its great.

If you dont ask you wont get, and even if you go off and buy a bed at least your OT should be able to let you try one inone of their independant living centres first.

The matress also are very comfortable hard but pressure cushioned or you can buy your own


Hello there,
I have a problem, recently I bought a new mattress through Titan Mattress coupons, but when I put this mattress on my old bed, it’s not adjusting on the bed, because my old bed is broken many times and I repaired it, where did you buy your bed?

Are you looking for hospital beds? If so, visit: Used hospital beds. These beds are comfortable and adjustable at very low prices.

If anyone is still looking for an adjustable bed, I’d recommend trying Opera Beds. Their prices are transparent on their website and their sales team are not pushy. They’ll ask you a series of questions before buying to make sure you get the right type of bed, mattress and any accessories you might need, like handrails. They do a 10 night trial as well.

Dont forget to claim back the VAT. Adjustable beds and recline and lift chairs can be bought free of VAT, which is quite a saving.