New trends of so-called 'integral reinforcement' involve evaluating openly a range of body-mind considerations when talking about any disorder, and so movement disorders. Thus, although it may seem curious, the very origin of movement disorders can be found in the resistance to changes. Is it not surprising?

Next step is to admit to being (without blushing) into a series of symptoms that should serve as a sincere platform to tackle the disease properly. Some examples could be: desire to please and/or be recognized, excessive internal stress, anxiety, fear, ambition turned into pride, too - sometimes obsessive - love for control, etc. Do you see a lot of yourself into them?

I honestly admit so, and it doesn’t matter if I like or not. And it’s not at all bad to know. You must know that from that moment on the new approach is coming by itself, and it covers a nice cycle which begins in sincerity and ends in confidence, and demonstrates the importance of balance and order, of relaxation, spontaneity and openness, and all together as a road to be walked with a destination full of health and wellness.

Within, website dedicated to movement disorders, and in the Integral reinforcement area, it can be found a video of our own illustrating this new perspective that should teach us to understand and cope with our disease the healthiest way. Please take a look.