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Hi. Looking for some advice about possible supplements I can give my Husband to help with his tremor. He was diagnosed in January with early mild tremor dominant P.D. He really only has a left hand/arm tremor and his gait is slightly affected (doesn’t swing left arm and slightly slaps his left foot down when walking). His consultant doesn’t want to start him on meds yet because he says it won’t really help the tremor and his other symptoms are so mild. Can anyone recommend any natural remedies that might help his tremor please? Many thanks in advance.

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There’s no clear scientific evidence that people with Parkinson’s should take supplements but it is an active area of research. We’ve actually explored this topic on our blog which you many find helpful and you can find here:

If you feel you that your husband needs more of a particular vitamin or mineral, it is advisable to try to eat more of the foods containing it, rather than to buy expensive vitamin and mineral supplements.

You also need to be aware that some vitamins, when taken in large doses, can have side effects.

Some supplements, for example vitamin B6 and iron supplements, may also affect the absorption of your Parkinson’s medication. We have a lot more info on this via our website here:

For some more support on this, feel free to give our helpline a call on 0808 800 0303.

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