Advice appreciated, ladies - HRT

Hi anyone offer any advice, ladies of a certain age, had some bloods last week and GP also looked at my estrogen levels, which have come back low/peri-menopause, GP has asked me to consider HRT, she mentioned something about link with osteoporosis and PD. Any ladies offer any experience of taking this alongside PD meds? I have been, well I say I have fortunate enough to not experience any symptoms , the only reason this was included was because of two very close together UTI’s and had another one about six months ago , thank you in advance :smile:

I was troubled for a couple of years on and off with UTI’s after investigations I was given Ovestin 1mg cream for intravaginal use. This so far has been successful. Hope this helps. Good luck Minky

I was on it for a little while but felt some changes in my breasts & got scared off - blood tests showed i have very low estogen. Good luck

I will do some more reading to weigh up the for and against, hard to make informed decision particulary when not really have any other symptoms and only came up on the blood test. Thank you both, appreciated :smile:

My doctor said dont go off bloodtest / treatment is symptom based - your hormone levels fluctuate.

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