Advice for home care in bury, Suffolk


My father has Parkinson’s and lives with my mum.

He is struggling to get up by himself, is up and down in the night, and starting to behave less like himself.

He has fallen a couple of times and it’s getting to the point we would like an extra pair of hands in the home. This will also give my mum a needed break.

Can anyone recommend the services of a carer that might be able to provide similar.

Alternatively provide any feedback on pros / cons of this?

Thank you for your help


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I’m so sorry to hear about your father and it’s completely understandable why your mum would need some help caring for him. There is a lot of support available to your parents and we have information specifically for carers via the Parkinson’s UK website here:

There’s also a carers guide with information on the different type of caring support - it offers practical help and advice, whether you provide care and support for someone who has recently been diagnosed, or someone who has been living with Parkinson’s for a while. You can download the guide here:’s%20guide%20WEB.pdf

Our helpline and Parkinson’s local advisers are here to answer any questions you have about life with Parkinson’s so please give us a call on 0808 800 0303.

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