Advice for seeing Specialist

My husband (age 66) ywas diagnosed with Parkinsons a year ago.  He hasn't been on medication or up to now or had much medical advice.  Tomorrow we are seeing a specialist as it is clear he's in need of help/ medication as his symptoms have worsened in the past few months.   Can anyone advise what specific questions to ask at first consultation and also which medication is best at this stage.  We feel were about to take a big step into the unknown, so any advice gratefully received.


Hi Rosie T -try googling drugs used for parkinsons and have a look at side effects etc., this is what I did when I was DX six years ago. The usual drug they tend to start everyone on is Sinemet, but depending on how bad your OH is the neurologist will usually decide because no two people are the same with their symptoms. I have been on Ropinirole which is a Dopamine Agonistic, these DA's don't always suit everyone, so ask about them and their devasting side effects on some, including compulsive disorders

Hope this helps a little, best wishes - Sheila

Hi Rosie T, 

How did your appointment go?