Advice for someone with a family member with PD and other health issues.

hello there, my name is Amy and I am 22 from Newcastle.

My nana was diagnosed with PD a few years ago, she also has diabetes T2, COPD, she is incontinent, pretty immobile. she has suffered from a stroke, a major heart operation and a hip replacement. unfortunately we have been watching her health deteriorate for years, its so sad to watch. we have came to a point now where she is falling more often. she lives with my auntie and her two children, my auntie has been fighting for years to make their house more mobile for my nana, she struggles with the stairs (toilet, bathroom and bedroom are upstairs), struggles with making herself food or even a drink. my auntie works full time and the kids are at school from 8am-3pm and then they go to childminder until 5pm when my auntie finishes work. she has been coming along to my ground floor flat about 5 mins away to use my wet room, we recently round out yesterday that she has not had a bath or a shower since her brother in laws funeral in October as she slipped and hurt herself. she has been lying to my auntie about this and telling her she has been in the shower while she has been at work. so anyways to the point two nights ago she had a fall on her way to the toilet at about 4am and had to shout for my auntie to com and help her, she has injured her leg quite badly but made no fuss about it until I went to see her the next day at 7pm after work and she told me how she has been struggling to get off her chair and that she never ate, drank or used the bathroom with everybody being at work. I immediately got her to the hospital for an assessment on her leg, they said large fluid build up, rest for the next 4 days and then exercise more. she has fallen two more times since then. our local council has said they can not sort her a social worker because ‘parkinsons is a next level disease that they do not know how to cater for’ she is in desperate need for a stairlift atleast and we don’t know where to turn or find any more advice without forking out thousands of pounds between us to have one fitted for her. if anybody could help me out with any advice at all I would be extremely greatful. its frightening the family because my uncles mother, 10 years ago was in the same postion as my nana and she ended up falling down the stairs when she was in the house alone, snapping her neck and unfortunately passing away.

Thank you so much in advance, if there are any more details you would like to know about please don’t hesitate to ask and I will answer you with the best of knowledge I have!

Hi amylouise9081,

Welcome to the forum. I hope you find comfort and knowledge amongst your fellow members of the community here.
So sorry to hear of your Nana. It sounds as though she is very lucky to have you.
Have you seen our page on Support for Family and friends? If not, it can be found here, and has some details about financial help and support >

You’re also welcome to call our helpline on 0808 800 0303. They will be able to provide you with further support.

All the best, Amy.

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Hello what a dreadful situation for you all. However you had me totally stunned at what your local council have said, first I have never heard the term next level disease and second I don’t know why you would be told they don’t know how to cater for her. May i just check you are in the UK, if so your nan would be entitled to an assessment by social services/adult care services and what you really need is an assessment by an OT - occupational therapist - who will visit you Nan at home to assess her needs. He/she would be able to give advice, information and provide equipment, aids and adaptations which could make life easier and safer for all of you. An assessment by a social worker could result in, for eg, carers going in to help with her personal care neeđs. Could you confirm that i have understood correctly re what your council told you.