Advice needed on helping my mum

Hi. My mum is in her mid fifties and diagnosed with parkinsons a few years ago. She is unable to work now but she used to be a high flying sales exec. She is now at home on her own during the week until my dad gets home from work. She is keeping busy with arts and crafts etc that she is amazing at - I know she is finding the loneliness difficult though as well as the other symptoms of Parkinsons. She recently went to a Parkinsons group but everyone there was a lot older than herself and she felt uncomfortable. She lives in the Forest of dean and I wondered if there was anyway of getting her in contact with individuals around her own age in her area? I really want to help her and feel so hopeless at times :disappointed: She is an amazing woman with a kind heart and she is an inspiration to me - I just wish there was more that I could do.
hi zoe

i am also in my fiftys i was dx 10yrs ago i belong to my local support group and the majority are older than me but i still enjoy it and am now on the committie, just recently i was contacted by one of the pd uk regional support officers and told about a young onset pd group which a man in carlisle which is 26 miles away from me is trying to get up and running has your mum ever thought of starting one in her area if she gets in touch with parkinsons uk head office in london i am sure they would advise and help thats if she feels she could just a thought, sue.
When I was first diagnosed with Parkinsons I went to the group held at our local hospital. but I stopped going because I felt out of place a I was the youngest member by far and this was always pointed out and it made me feel uncomfortable. But then we moved house, but I still do not attend the local group simply because I have plenty of other things to do which keep me occupied. But I have a Parkinsons support worker and I love being on the Forum.
Hi Zoe

Sorry to hear about your mum's diagnosis.

Perhaps there is another local group nearby - you can check on our local group finder at

You could also speak to one of our information and support workers who cover areas in South Wales and the South West of England.

Karen Miles covers Blaenau Gwent, Torfaen, Monmouth and Newport
Tel: 0844 225 3789
Email: [email protected]

There are 2 information and support workers covering parts of Gloucestershire, details at

It may also be worth having a look at our peer support service which puts you in touch with a trained volunteer who has a similar experience of Parkinson's -

Hope some of this is useful for your mum.

Best wishes
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Just to add, in our area in the South East, my husband and I found a group for younger PD members and other halves - started for exactly the reasons which put a lot of active PD people off groups with older, more severely affected members. it can be a bit depressing. Our group was recently re-named 'APP's - (Active Parkinson's People) - everything is an 'APP' these days! Maybe she could look for / start something similar? Dinky
Hello Zoe . Which are do you live in Zoe , I live Nr Newport, although not as young as can I help .
I am not male by the way lol

I know its hard to see you mum go through PD. I know the feeling of being helpless and not being able to help. my mum was diagnosed a year ago and i sometimes feel the same. but just being there to talk to will mean more to her than anything.

I recommend to try other groups to find younger members or see if she can create a group of her own. Also for her to keep in contact with old friends as they can be a great support as well.

Best wishes
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Hi Zoe

May be bit late with this info but just seen post .... We live in glos my o/ h was diagnosed in his early forties now mid 50's

There is a small younger persons group up in glos .

Contact Jane Henderson who is the PD branch organiser for the south west , you can get her details from the PDUK helpline .

Hope your Mum is now not feeling so isolated

Regards x