Advice needed please

Hey guys, my mom has PD and it’s me and my dad who are trying to help her with everything we can, her muse weakness has really gotten bad and she cannot go to the toilet properly, as she says she can’t push cuz the muscles won’t work, doc has her on laxatives and fibre diet and she does all that, she drinks lots of water and now she is not wanting to eat because of it, can anyone at all advise me of what to try it anyone else had this issue arises and know what to do? Thanks, nikki

Hi Nikkiki,

I can only imagine what you and your dad are going through.
But your mom is obviously going through a lot more.
You haven’t mentioned how old she is and how long she has had PD.
Knowing that will make it a lot easier to perhaps try to suggest something to help.

Hi Nikkiki
So sorry to hear about this nasty problem. Please be aware that it might not be muscle weakness (though it could be). Perhaps it is slow digestion caused by Parkinson’s, or perhaps her medication isn’t working properly, making it difficult for her to operate her muscles that enable her to “go”. Constipation can spoil the effectiveness of PD meds because some are absorbed in the gut, not the stomach, and if the gut is already full of undigested food, the meds can’t be easily absorbed. Constipation is a known problem in PD. You or your mum should try to speak to your mum’s neurologist or a Parkinson’s nurse about it as they will probably understand it better than her family doctor,. The helpline on this website is incredibly helpful too. I hope you get the help you all need soon.

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Ask your GP to arrange for the district nurses to come out to give enema . Generally speaking 3/4 days is the longest to go without bowel movement. Chronic long term constipation can lead to weakening of bowel muscles. .

Try prune juice,plenty of it. Up until a few months ago, I had the same problem but the prune juice made a huge difference.

Hi, as I type my husband is currently very constipated. He hasn’t been to the loo for three days. This is despite having cosmocol laxatives morning and evening, apples, plums, pears, grapes, flaxseed on his breakfast cereal, plenty of fluids, fruit yogurts every day and 2x bisocodyl at night!? He’s been referred to the continence clinic and I’ve had to keep charts of his bowel movements plus size, colour and type of movement according to the Bristol chart. Not the most enjoyable task. He’s also had to give a stool sample. This was two weeks ago and as we haven’t heard anything must presume it was normal (which I suspected anyway) So what more can I do?! It’s all consuming and getting me down. He doesn’t seem bothered and isn’t in any pain or discomfort (he says).
He may have a couple of good days where he is ‘regular’ then nothing for days. The main med he takes for his PD is Sinemet and I’m constantly being told that it won’t work if he’s constipated so as you can imagine this only adds to the stress. We’re now 8 years on from diagnosis and for most of that time (and pre-diagnosis) constipation has been a major problem. I’ll try the prune juice as a last resort but not holding my breath. According to what I’ve read, bisocodyl is often given as a pre op laxative and usually works within six hours. Well I think my husband can prove them wrong on that score! Best wishes Jean