Advice needed

Hi does anyone suffer from excessive tiredness? Falling asleep at the desk is not a good look lol!. Sleeping from 4pm wakening to have dinner then back to sleep 5.30am. Any advice greatly appreciated.

Rthom hello again, again totally! I definately have period of this throughout the day and aware of it, I have some wonderful advice from OT, a fatigue management plan, I set alarm on phone and every hour take ten mins (this takes a lot of willpower) to sit on a yoga mat I’ve taken into work, I don’t do anything other than focus on breathing and switch off, helpful pointer break day down into morning, mid day, afternoon and evening and write overview of everything you do, it’s quite a lot when you see it in black and white, I was probably working two hours off site before got into the office at 0830, emptying dishwasher, putting washing on a delay, walking the dog and prep for dinner! No wonder I’m shattered by mid day, :smile: look at what you can put off until later in the day or delegate to someone else! I have 20min off period between 1330 1430 and shut my eyes, not sleeping just resting and this works for me, perhaps try GP and ask if any OT support along these lines? The alarm at work does take a bit of getting used to and have to be quite strict with myself and aware if I don’t take this time for myself I feel the consequences later in the day and the following day, I would even go as far to say it has helped improved my sleep pattern at night which was awful, hope this helps, take care and take time for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi thank you it really is good to talk

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