Advice on madapar

Hi meds not working great at moment nurses won’t change me from madapar told to try now 3 madapar cr 3 times day plus 2 x 62.5mg madapar dispersables anyone taken dispersibles with cr

I use dispersible Madopar with Madopar CR without any problems. I take a Madopar CR when I go to bed, strength 100/25. If I have physical discomfort from stiff muscles, which is going to prevent me getting to sleep, then I also take a dispersible 50/12.5. If I wake up in the night and have difficulty getting back to sleep because of discomfort, then I use a dispersible. I find they work very well and I have no side effects.

Hi Gij … I take Madopar 100/25 ×4 x daily plus 1x8mg slow release Ropinirole. My neurologist also prescribed 2x 50/12.5 first thing in the morning before I get out of bed. This is so I get hit of dopamine into my system quicker before I do my exercises in a morning. Madopar capsules are same as most medications in the way they work, (peaks and troughs) hence the on/off state. Because its dispersable it will peak quickly but also drops quickly.
I can also take a dispersable in between my daily intake of medications if I have a need to at anytime.
We are all very different in the way we respond to meds and you may just need to tweak them or pop an extra one if you need to.

Hope this helps

Hi, I’m relatively recently diagnosed, and was initially prescribed Madopar 50/12.5, 2 capsules 3 times a day WITH FOOD. This did little to improve life, but 3 weeks later (mid September) an angel in the form of a PD nurse upped my dose to 8 capsules a day, but front loaded, and NOT taken with food, and I now have good days. So I take 3 on waking, 2 at midday, 2 at 4pm and the last one at 8 or a little later. I try to keep Madopar separated from protein especially. I can now function. Not as well as I used to, but I can move and live.

From what I have read, I’m sure this won’t suit everyone, but it helps me.