Advice on powered wheelchairs

Hello everyone!
My Mum is 80 and severely affected by Parkinson’s. She is completely immobile and although she can use her hands her hands and arms are very weak. My father is in his 80s and frail. My mother probably weighs 130 kg.
My mother cannot use a moility scooter because she has no core strength. She needs a wheelchair. She has one from the council and a couple more they bought but in uncomfortable in all of them. My father cannot push her in the chair, and she is terrified to use its joy stick to move herself. She is unfortunately right to be afraid. She has no control. My father tries walking along operating the joystick for her but it is usually a disaster.
In an eternal search for something…eanything…that will make life better my mother is searching for a bariatric wheelchair that she thinks she will be able to move herself using the wheels. I know she won’t be able to do it.
Once after back surgery I was at an airport and they transported me using a wheelchair that i had no control of, but that was powered so I wasn’t so heavy for the person pushing to push.
Does anyone know anything about these devices? Any recommendations please? It needs to have a head rest.
While I’m here…how do you stop someone continually sliding down in their chair? You have rides at fun fairs with a lump that goes between your legs. Someone needs to invent one of those for wheelchairs that you can add when the person is in their seat so they can’t slide down!
Thanks for reading this

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Hi SourCherry,
We wanted to take a moment to welcome you to the forum. We’re sorry to hear things have been difficult for your Mum lately. While our shop doesn’t feature wheelchairs, per se, you will find some seating solutions here. We’d also encourage you to call our adviser team at our helpline at 0808 800 0303, as they have additional resources and can refer you to local assistance as well. Please feel welcome to take advantage of these tools, and we hope you enjoy your time here in our lovely forum community.
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In the past I have used something called a glide and lock.
The Essential Glide and Lock is a breathable sheet that keeps users comfortable in standard chairs and wheelchairs. The one-way slide sheet is made from quilted cotton to offer ultimate softness and prevent sweating. Ideal for those who often slip down in chairs, the integral system comprises locking strips that help a patient to slide further back into a chair and then prevent them from slipping down. And it WORKS! If you google it , it will tell where to buy them, Though your OT should be on this!!

My young person has an electric wheelchair, and I all I know is I can not control it from the back, it’s all over the place and if I sit in it and try and drive it… Really touch sensitive and nerve racking for me.
And it took a lot of time and practice for him to drive. They are not as easy as it looks. Maybe your occupational therapist or physio could advise?
Esme x

Hello Esme is right re the glide and lock sheets, you can also get wedges to prevent sliding forwards and also power packs that fit to attendant propelled wheelchairs which reduces the effort needed to push. However I think the best thing would be to get a proper review done at your local wheelchair service rather than spend money on hit and miss ideas. The local adult care services should be able to tell you how to make a referral or it is probably online if you do a search. Good luck.