Advice on respite/live-incare at home

I'm new to the site. My Dad was diagnosed with PD at the age of 72 - 18 months ago and initially seemed to respond quite well to his medications so that he regained a level of independence (i.e could still wash/dress/feed/walk unaided. However he had a bad fall last Christmas which resulted in a big hit to the head - and a brain injury, which seems to have caused some mental deterioration but at the same time his Parkinson's symptoms have worsened considerably in the last sixth months, to the point that he is now doubly incontinent, can barely stand unaided let alone walk at all without help, but is pretty placid in temperament, so can be helped willingly. My mum is reasonably fit (aged 73) but had two knee replacement ops, and is pretty exhausted with looking after him. It's also difficult for her to manhandle him when he's so much bigger than her. As neither myself of sister live close to them, we're trying to quickly work out how we can put some respite care in place for her that's good and reliable. They live in Stroud in GLOUCESTERSHIRE and there's one local firm that will do a week's full time care minimum - so she can go away for breaks, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of other organisations that do long weekends, so we can do this more frenquently. I've heard about COUNTRY COUSINS (affiliated to SAGA) but I'd be really interested in hearing about other's experiences of them and whether you think they are equipped to deal with full on Parkinson's sufferers. I'm also beginning to think we may need to do this on a more full time basis and have either daily (9-5 type) care at home or live-in. I'd also really appreciate hearing from anyone who's had positive experiences of any care organisations that offer this service. Any tips or pitfalls to avoid would be really gratefully received. Many thanks in advance

There is a charity called Crossroads Care that provide care for people with Parkinsons. They have a branch in your parent's area so I will send you details.

In my area they have an agreement with Parkinsons Uk to provide up to 4 hours free of charge a month but obviously can provide more hours at a reasonable cost. They will come in and help with most things - even just sit and chat if that is what is needed.

Might be worth a phone call....

I am sure that your local PD Branch will be able to provide a lot more names for you tofollow through.
Good luck
I'm looking at this as well, for my husband as he gets worse. It partly depends on whether your mother has savings- over £22k and you pay everything. She is entitled to an assessment by social services but in my case the social worker simply said that as we have savings we are on our own, quote. Not terribly helpful.I have looked at hiring carers (there is an agency locally who act as introduction but you then have to interview the people and decide on the terms yourself). You then become an employer and have to make sure you are insured incase anyone has an accident on your premises. A friend who needs care twice a day does this and has a rota of 8 people to provide cover for hols etc. Plus, think about it- you are letting people into your property (well, your mother's)- what do you really know about these people? In my case at present I pay for a weeks' respite on a regular basis in our local very good community hospital- cost depends on the level of nursing needed- £580/week for total nursing care.
But I know people locally who get care 3 times a day, paid for, as they have no savings or less than the minimum. and it seems to work ok. Councils are cutting back on these services though. My mother had care this way and one day the carer did not turn up and she was left in bed till a relative called at lunchtime. Not brilliant. Sometimes they came early, sometimes late, rarely saw the same one twice.
Sorry if this sounds gloomy but there are pitfalls and the worst thing is that you have to find all this out for yourself! I guess the PDuk helpline may- well- help!!!! Good luck and keep us posted- we all need to share information on this.
I too am looking in to paying for a carer to come in to look after my Mum. I have trolled through so many companies details and checked them against service reports that I now wonder if I'll ever get anything sorted.
Hello all,
My name is Andy and I care for my father.
He was moved to something called independant living.
The landlord is a charity - Richmond upon Thames church housing trust.
They let a company called hfh -home from hospital provide the care and run the building.
My father is on a high risk category,so the carers come in at 7.30 to shower/clothe/brekfast him.
They then come back every two hours-fluid/toilet/food/medicine.
They even call on him during the night every 2 hours to see he is ok-ie not fallen out of bed etc...
His flat is with-in a block so the hfh call on some people more than others depending on needs.
They have an electronic key and ring his doorbell before they enter.
Even if I am here they still call - if I am here I will do the dinner/make tea.
I do all the washing/ironing/cleaning/shopping etc and can stay here as it is a two bedroom flat.
Hfh are excellent-we do not pay them direct-we pay the local council/social services who monitor and check all is well.
I have had no problems with hfh - I do not know if they have premises/staff ant where else?