Advice please

Hi All,
I am new to the forum. My mother was diagnosed over 5 years ago and is doing well. Dad is her primary career. We have reached the point where they need to move closer to family to ensure a wider support network. I am looking for advice as the move will mean we have an opportunity to look at moving to a bungalow. They are however much more expensive and we can’t quite find the additional funds needed.
Does anyone know of schemes that might assist with this?

Assuming they own their own home, there are highly unlikely to be any schemes that help them fund a more expensive property but there are some schemes that help with necessary adapations - it varies by area. Are there any family members who could contribute, and recoup their investment when the property is evenually sold?

A bungalow is not the only option though and the layout may make it too cramped/ inflexible for a disabled person to move around safely & easily. Have you asked your parents what they need/want as that should be your starting point?

hi EmmaT i was diagnosed with PD in 2010 at the time my hubby also had heart problems so we looked at lots of possibilities, a friend of ours was in a bungalow that belonged to an housing association called Anchor trust you have to be 55 or over to apply you do not have a manager on site but you can get in touch with one if required. In all there are 30 bungalows and it’s called independent living we do have pull cords going to Anchor Call for emergencies The gardens go all around the bungalows but we all have our own patio which you can fence off you can also had have a dog. We put the money from the house in the bank after giving the boys and wives some then we went off to see the world twice. it would be best to speak to your mum and dad and see what they would like to do there are lots of housing ass out there you would have to find out what would be best for them lots of places have managers on site but we like the idea of independent living not sure where in the UK you are but start with your local council site has the normally have the names of assocations and you can rent any or most of the property till you no longer require it. If you want to look at Anchor living just type it in to your computer. Hope this helps,