Advice please

Hi, I’ve been diagnosed 5 years and everything I read was that this is a slow disease. However, I find myself with so many symptoms including internal tremors, really bad stiffness and extreme pelvic pain. I was put on 6 madopar daily but not helped and now going on rotigotine patches. Has anyone got experience of the patches or anything else I can do!! Xxxx and my voice has disappeared xx

Hi @Hilly :wave:

Thank you for your message. I’m really sorry to hear about the different symptoms you’re experiencing due to your Parkinson’s.

We have a lot of information on the Parkinson’s UK website around different medications that might be helpful, including a section on the rotigotine patches.

I am sure others on the forum will be able to share their own experiences, but don’t forget that you can always contact our free Parkinson’s helpline on 0808 800 0303, which is made up of a team of trained advisers, who have extensive knowledge about Parkinson’s medication and will be able to answer any questions you have.

Best wishes,

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