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Hi All, has anyone any info re when you first start on rotigotine? Diagnosed 4 years but wearing off so consultant has prescribed this to add to madopar.was on 2 mg for 2 weeks and now on 4mg for a week. I’m sure I feel worse in that my internal tremors have gone mad and all sorts of other symptoms . Help! Xxx

Dear @Hilly,
Sorry to hear that your new medication is causing you increased symptoms and difficulties, if you can, do get back in touch with your consultant/clinic to discuss these further. You can also call our helpline on 0808 800 0303 and have a chat with our Nurse Advisers to talk through your increased symptoms too.

It may also be useful to keep a diary of your symptoms and when they happen in relation to your medication. This can help give your clinic and consultant a better picture of what is going on. You can find out more about tracking your symptoms on our Monitoring your Parkinson’s page here

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Hi Hilly sorry to hear about your problem. Were you taking a dopamine agonist as well as madopar before? If so, it might be that the patch (I assume it is a patch) does not provide enough medication at any one time to replace any previous medication you had as it only offers a trickle. If you weren’t on an agonist (such as Ropinirole), then I don’t have anything to add except to agree that you should try to speak to whoever prescribed the Rotigotine for you. Good luck. I hope you feel better soon.

Hi, thanks for your reply tiredcarer, no I was just on the madopar and he had put it up to 150mg x 5 daily but still no use. I think he will put the Rotigitine up as i emailed his secretary and he has written to ny GP.I have spoken to the helpline and I think the 4mg is verylow for some people. symptoms are very tight muscles in hip so I can hardly walk and the internal tremors all over , including face! Has anyone else any comments? xx

Hi Hilly. I was prescribed with Rotigotine to see if it would reduce the on-off phasing with my Sinemet which I take 25/100 x 5 per day. I started on the 2mg patch - which had a positive effect. It was necessary to plan the patch positioning and I found that using some positions (where there was more/less body fat) influenced the effectiveness. (I use HRT patches so I had to plan my patching!) After a month with no problems I started using 2 patches to increase the dose to 4mg as agreed with my consultant. After 2 weeks dyskinesia began to be a problem, my body started ‘zinging’ and I started geting visual disturbances and problems with vivid dreams. I stopped the 4mg dosage and went back down to 2mg but continued to have problems for 2 months. I decided to stop using the patches to let my body get back to a ‘normal’ 5x 25/100 sinemet routine which is where I am now. I am now thinking about my next course of action.
Hope you feel better soon.