Advice Please

Hi There, I have been on a downer all week; If you could give me some advice. As you know I wear 2 hearing aids,and have posted about my hearing in the past. I have now been retired early on an ill health retirement. We still have a mortgage to pay .The insurer says they wont cover as we took out cover after I was diagnosed with Parkinsons ,this was not true .
I first went to Doctor in Jan 2007 with tremor ,suspected essential tremor,
sent to hosp ,saw a doctor Cordina,needed second opinion,this was September2007.
Second apt October 2007,Doctor needed to have me see the top man.
December 3 I saw top man,diagnosis Parkinsons.This was December 2007,and Iwas in a state that day ,just hoping it was essential tremor.
The insurance company says I knew in January 2007 as it was in the Doctors notes, also in the notes suspected essential tremor,
I did not know I had Parkinsons till I was officially diagnosed January 2007.
I can assure you insurance was the last thing on my mind as my world as I knew it had just died.Do these people really think,good I have Parkinsons lets get cover ,they would not pay out ,were not that thick. The word SUSPECTED should not be used in insurance DIAGNOSES is fact.
Are there any lawyers out there ,I really don't know how I stand,they never even give you the benefit of the doubt,Thnks.
Hi There,I have to correct my previous post .I did not know officially that
I had parkinsons till December 2007.

Hi There, After many months of stress fighting the insurance company,I finally won my case.In their words this was the verdiict. Even though the doctors had discussed the possibility that i might have Parkinsons  at no time was it told to me that i had it till i was told by the consultant 10 months after the insurance  thought I was told. I am well happy at the result finacially.

Hi Everyone. It has been a while since i have been on,Having problems . I am looking for some advice from you ,physical and mental.  My son lives in Norway and we are meant to be visiting him at the end of November,my problem is that I have noticed these last few cold nights when I go out for a walk and breathe in the cold air I get a little bit of pain across my chest and my breathing becomes rapid and uncomfartable,I have spoken to the doctor,had an Ecg, Exray ,couldnt find anything. My son tells me it is supercold at that time of the year and I am a little worried about breathing in iced air,but I dont want to let them all down.Has anyone had this problem before,I will be grateful for any infomation or advice.Cheers.