Advice please


                   Can some kind person explain to me how I can write a post on office or similar then transfer it to the Forum, I have written numerous lengthy articles recently only to have them disappear  when I press the button,,Where do they go,

                                            Any help greatly appreciated     FED

I have just spent ages typing a diatribe about the blasted adverts only for a notice to appear saying I can't post as they are making changes to the forum!


I copied it, sent it to myself, copied it and got it here but I couldn't start the new topic as I had tried to!
Sat, 03/05/2014 - 20:30 by goldengirl
It has been a long time since adverts started to appear regularly on the forum. Now wedding rings join the kitchens!
I feel it is grossly insensitive of these greed-driven idiots to post on a site offering support for folk suffering or caring for  partners with a degenerative neurological illness.
We have been repeatedly told that the forum operators are "looking into it".
Could we ask what is being done to stop this rubbish appearing!
I can put spam emailers on my blocked senders list in seconds and don't have to see them again.
Why is it so hard to get them removed permanently from this forum?
Ezinda and her colleagues do a sterling job but they can't be expected to be IT experts.
PDUK paid plenty to have the new website set up.
Why can't  the firm involved get a grip on this problem?
And post is still described as "save"!

Hello Fed

Well, I wrote you this little note in Word (in a new document). Then I went to Edit > Select All Edit>Copy (or Ctrl C), then put the cursor in the Add new comment box in the Forum, Edit > Paste (or Ctrl V). Et voila!


GG, spot on, this site is a joke.... ducks head and waits for yet another e mail from admin.regarding my posts about this.

Goodness knows how much PUK paid for this less than useful forum, money better spent elsewhere, IMO

I belong to another forum, not Parkinsons related, set up by an individual where we have none of this spam  and the cost to them is £600 per year for a site and host server that they can download from the internet.

Could have done better, PUK, much better at far less cost. Please tell us members of the forum how much PUK paid for this shambles of a forum? Not holding my breath for an answer.

More changes, more looking into it, more work in progress.....................I have tried to take this new forum on board, I really have. There are many posts that I  would like to reply to but the rigmarole for  being just viewing and then  wanting to post a reply, sucks. How many clicks does it take after logging on to get back to the post that you want to reply to,,,,,,,,,,,,,,too many!!!!

It must put off   first time visitors and potential new members. I know it would put me off and I am  pretty computer   savvy.

I don't post much these days purely because of the vagaries of this forum,  but, after  experiencing 16 years of living  with P I think I may have   something to contribute, if only it was easier to do so.

How PUK  expects  a PWP to access and post on this site is beyond me.  It's far too complicated.

And the ads for kitchens and wedding rings are still there!

The phone no for the companies are there if you click on the links , so come on PDUK.

Tell them to stop!

And yes, Benji, I have just about had it too!

My contributions to PDUK could be better spent.


Hi all

I don’t want to minimise any difficulties to fellow-PwP, but I have to say that the forum seems remarkably straightforward to me. You Log in to the site, click on Forum, click on Active topics and all the threads are there in date order - and those with new posts since I last clicked are flagged.

So I know there’s been a new post in this thread by Benji since I last looked, and here I am answering it. After I’ve posted it (yes, yes, I know) my browser back arrow takes me back to the list of threads and I can look at another new (to me) posting. I’m sure I’m naive, coz I don’t post on many sites, but I can see what could be much easier?

Don’t give up posting guys!

Very best, Semele

Hello all

                       Please accept my appologies for my huffy post, I had completed a long and important work and when I pressed save it vapourised, well I was a lttle upset and new words were invented , best not repeated here , and Mike you are correct in your appraisal , I was tired and had a hard time with parkyevil,yes thats him right there, B**£"@d,so when I pressed the Launch button ,,,,,,NOWT NADA,ZILCH, If there is a time out limitation it would be to our advantage if some warning was given or shown so we could complete, or even if the powers that be will give us that time allowed ,i e  10 mns or 20mns, then it will be up to us to watch the time elapsed, oh and Semele thank you for replying but I still dont have a  clue, how do  I get the post from  words to Forum, I feel so thick at times, my appologies.

                                              Kindest Regards to all            Fedcool

Golly, Fed, if I had to apologise every time I felt thick I wouldn't have time to feel thick!

it's really hard (for me) to see what extra help I can give you, not being an IT expert - and crucially not being able to see what you're doing and what gear you're working on. I wonder if you showed my post to a passing teenage child (or younger) they might be able to see what you're up to and translate my efforts into something meaningful for you?

i am agog at all those words of Fed-inspiration the world keeps losing. I'm sure it doesn't have to be this way!

Best wishes


Thankyou Semele.

                Its now 130 am a bad day again put through the mill just now, will send longerr pozt tomorrrow my frendi, sorry head fussy


big grinGood morning Semele

                                 Feeling much better this morning so will investigate as to improving and enabling better posting ,there are so many APPS on this potpal Feds brain goes into information overload, "or was that the D day landings". I had no intention of bringing to a sudden stop my contributions to our Forum I was spitting my dummy out of the pram, I  will have to stop that anyway as I hardly fit in the pram and my wife has problems pushing me with her Arthritis at 64 its time I gave it up. I will keep you updated on my progress.

                                                  Kindest Regards  FEDcool        neutral