Advice please? fast can tremors develop on both sides of the body? My husband was Diagnoised in August 2016...various symptoms and right side tremors in hand,foot and noticable jaw tremors.In the last couple of days he has developed a left side tremor in his hand and foot. Is this normal to develop so fast? Thanks for advice.

Hi babesbrown   

  The biggest trouble with Pd is there's no standard model for how the symptoms will progress, no one can tell you how fast it will develop or even what symptoms you will have, 

  Do you have a pd nurse? If not try the help line above , you don't say if he is on meds as some of the side effects can cause problems , and it can take an age to find just the right balance that suits him, 

must go now so live well.  Cc

Hello All,

I woke up this morning took my two tablets at 0800 and at 1300, but i feel that I am plugged into the mains.

Is this normal ? never felt like this before..


Answer me someone, 


Hi Pog what you are saying sounds like you should talk to your PD nurse

Sometimes a change in timing can help

How long have you been diagnosed ?