Advice re entacapone

Hi friends

I have been taking  1  tablet every morning along with my sinimet and rasagaline.Neuro just wanted to see how i would get on. The first 4 hours are fine and then when i take my next sinimet 4 hours later the tremors are really bad.Do most people take entacapone along with every sinemet through the day?

I am also on 12mg slow release patches.Dont know whether to get on to parkinsons nurse and ask if i can take more entacapone or is it too soon and im not giving meds enough time to work

Thanks  hopefully someone out there will have a wee bit of advice.

The sun now shining hopefully a nice day!  here In bonnie Scotland


Cheerio for now xx


i take 1 200mg entacapone with each dose of Madopar i have 4 doses of madopar spread though out the day into the evening, I would clarify this point with the person who prescribed the entacapone for you, the purpose of the entacapone is to maximise the effectiveness of each dose of the Sinemet/Madopar.


Thanks for your reply.

Have a good day x