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I need advice on behalf of my 81 year old mother who has now been diagnosed with Parkinsons 2 years ago along with vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s. She has been on sinimet 25/100mg 3 times a day and her symptoms are becoming worse. I was wondering if anyone could share there personal experience with how they increased the dose without increasing the 3 times a day as she has real anxiety in taking tablets and it’s a battle for us to ensure this is done. The hospital haven’t been very helpful and her next appointment isn’t until November so any personal experience or advice would be greatly appreciated. I have made an appointment with her GP but again this is a few weeks away and just wanted to get some knowledge around the increasing of dosing. Thank you.

Hi and welcome to our friendly forum @Claire1. We have a very supportive group here and I hope they will be along to chat to you soon.

I’m sorry to hear about your mother. This must be so worrying for you. When you add the fear she has over taking any medication and the pressure you can feel each time you give it to her, the whole thing can feel overwhelming.

Parkinson’s medications can cause side effects and it can also take a while to adjust the dosage so that symptoms are controlled. The wait for the GP can feel very long and you could consider speaking to your pharmacist to see what they might suggest, as well as seeing if you can at least speak on the phone with the GP in case they can give you an interim solution.

Sometimes just having someone to talk to can be helpful. Our helpline advisers would be very happy to chat to you while you wait for the doctor appointment. You can reach them on 0808 800 0303 during the week.

Take care :blue_heart:
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