Advice re sleeping

hi all,
I have had PD for approx. 3 yrs. I dont work now. My problem is trying to sleep. I can go to sleep ok and I get about 3-4 hrs then I am wide awake. It is starting to get me down now. Has anyone got any advice on the matter or is there a herbal tab. that could maybe help me. I am on Mirapexin and Rasagaline for my pd.
Hello Wifit

I think a lot of people have this problem in some form or other.

Most advice seems to be not to worry about it. If you can get up and do something for a while-- like visiting the badgers sett, and then go back to bed and have another short sleep.

If you are cleverer than me with the pooter you may be able to search for past threads on this subject, there has been lots of good advice from experts. Someone may come on soon who can give you a link.

Best of luck
We buy hypnosis sleep tapes from Amazon. They coost about £5 each and we alternate between 3.
Find them very good and sleep much improved.
Just type " sleep hypnosis CDs" into a Google box and see if you fancy any.
I am on Mirapexin and have the same problem. Wake at 3 ish and usually awake will morning.
Try to keep as physically active as possible during the day and avoid heavy meals in the evening.
Thanks Christo. I do eat too much in the evening, will eat less.
I do apologize, Wifit, I just realized I have butted into your thread with my similar non sleeping problem.
Dont worry Polly about butting in we all have some sort of problem one way or another.It is good that there are people who can give us advice. As regards MY sleeping pattern(ha ha Polly) I am fairly active during the day, I have now started to use the exercise bike on a night, maybe this will help. Mirapexin is a good drug but I seem to be having a few unwanted side effects. Thanks all for your comments, greatly appreciated. Last resort I will have to have my glass of wine later in the evening! Cheers.
hi wifit

early morning awakening can be a symptom of depression, and responds well to anti depressants. You could try them just for a month or so and see if they help. Also I find if I drink too much wine before I go sleep I go to sleep quickly, but am wide awake a few hours later. something to do with the metabolism of tyramines in wine, especially red. Positive thinking also helps me sleep, by increasing contentment.
I don't know if I should mention this wifit, but sex is an excellent sleeping draught. Without getting too personal I hope everything is OK for you in the "bedroom department"...:wink:
No everything is not alright for me in the bedroom department, i don't mind but my boyfriend does.Having read some men get erectile dysfunction i wonder do women get affected in some way would appreciate hearing from other women on this Having also been years on anti-depressants i have absolutely no interest whatsoever.PSand i do love my partner very much although if any of you have read me before you will know he is an alcoholic and very much hard work for me did not like to say in previous postings he sulks if i don't have sex .Thinks i don't love him and once again i am supporting him tearful today.
HI folks have had chronic insomnia for a long time before dx tried hypnotherapies, relaxation etc.. Totally sympathise on the grinding accumulative effect of sleep deprivation I was getting max 12hrs sleep a week. Now much better take prescribed sleeping tablet and get around 6hrs (Zopiclone 7.5mg)