Advice regarding Hallucinations/Delusions

Good Morning,

I was wondering if I could ask for some advice or guidance. I apologise for the length of the post in advance, but I did not know where else to seek guidance.

My boss was diagnosed with PD approximately 16 years ago.

He has now for a considerable number of years been complaining that his is the victim of harassment and stalking (he states he is being followed and see people doing this and that people are also vandalising property and breaking into his property and out to get him).

I have witnessed a some property damage to his house and car and even though he lives in London, i do consider 4 break-ins across 2 different properties he owns to be "somewhat unlucky".

His family would appear to me to have dismissed this out of hand and have blamed these feelings and incidents as made up and as  result of a side effect of his PD medication. Indeed he feels he can no longer talk to them about this and bottles it up. 

He has kept a diary of these incidents and myself and my colleague took time personal time with him to go to the police to log this so that if this is happening at least perhaps something can be done about it (his family refuse to speak to the police and when they have been called in the passed, immediately blame it on my bosses PD).

However, if I am being truthful, I do consider that what he is telling us is more likely to be the result of PD or the medication.

I can not of course understand the stresses and strains that something like PD places upon immediate carers (his wife) and his family. But myself and my colleague are unsure what his family are doing to assist him with this as it appears nothing has been done, though of course we are only privy to one side of the story.

We have raised the issue of it being medication related, but my boss dismisses this out of hand and has said that this is a misdiagnosis. He also said recently to me when I asked about a change of medication, that he is worried that they would pump him full of drugs which would make effectively dozey and not fit for purpose.

Again I am sorry for the length of the post and any help or guidance would be much appreciated.





Hi fbmrsc,
We’re really sorry to hear what your boss is going through. It seems from your message that you (and certainly his family) feel that your boss is suffering delusions. There is information on this website about hallucinations and delusions in Parkinson’s which might be a good starting point.

If you could convince your boss to ring our helpline and chat with one of the nurses, they may be able to talk him through possible solutions. They might also be able to provide reassurance that the solution might not include "pumping him full of drugs" and preventing him from working. Our helpline number is 0808 800 0303.

I hope that helps.


Dear Ezinda,

Thank you for your prompt response. I am grateful to you for your advice and will endeavour to do so. If I should meet resistance to this, is there any further suggestions that might be possible?

Kindest regards,



Hi fbmrsc

It can be hard to give useful advice without having more details of the situation. For that reason, calling the helpline would be the best suggestion we can offer. 

I hope your boss takes advantage of the service.