Advice to younger self (PwP)

i.e. hints and tips from those with Parkinsons based on the advantage of hindsight

A recent visit to a new Physio, unconnected to my condition with Parkinsons, made the suggestion for me join local group(s) and talk to those with advanced or prolonged symptoms and ask "what they would do differently, or recommend, based on their experience and knowledge after living with the condition for many years"

This seems blindingly obvious but hadn't really occurred to me before as such a general and open ended question. A quick search in this Daily Living forum didn't show any immediate or recent posts so I thought I'd give it a try, though the advice could well apply more specifically to other forums too.

Hopefully this will tease out a different perspective and comments to help others deal with the condition too and offer a few words of wisdom for us all.

So, what would you say to your younger self knowing what you do now?

For me, after 5 years since diagnosis now aged 49, I would strongly recommend to other PwP to find out as much as you can, though reliable online resources (such as this PDUK website / publications), reading blogs by PwP, attending conferences/talks and taking part in research studies. Being aware of how the condition could develop makes me more conscious of my particular progression and symptoms, with ideas for how they can be treated or alleviated. 

Your answers on a postcard please...