Advice welcome please

Hi unsure if I am posting in the correct section, apologies if this is in the wrong place! I am looking for some advice ahead of a telephone appointment with a PD nurse in the morning. I started sinemet CR last Aug to see how I responded, saw my neruo consultant mid January and he has confirmed PD. We dicussed the medication I started and about bringing in other meds but felt a little argh!! when he told me the possible side effects so agreed that was a no go. He said he could offer me another medication which would give me a boost, I get quite a fatigue period mid afternoon, GP called me to say the medication selegiline would be ready and to make appointment with GP in two weeks to review this and if this did not help with my lack of sleep at evenings he would change to rasagiline. I’ve read on here what I can find out about these medications but feel a little apprehensive about adding more into the mix to see what works, when I saw the consultant I said obviously the current sinemet Cr is obviously doing it’s job, now confused as have read that this the ‘gold standard’ treatment, I really don’t want to go down the road of starting new medications and will discuss this with the PD nurse but is this normal? Is it a case of trial and see how it goes? any advice welcomed and will see what the PD nurse advice is, from reading on here I want to be able to take control of what I’m actually putting into my body thank you

It’s a scenario that’s familiar to anyone who’s ever taken a sleeping pill: popping the tab or swallowing the capsule, then crawling into bed and hoping for the best. But what if you stay awake? You may experience side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness, and headache. You may also find it more difficult to fall asleep the next time you try to take a sleep pill.

I’m on azilect and madopar. I went through a bad patch when in denial when i only took azilect as a first therapy. I got to register with a PD specialist consultant . He prescribed madopar and azilect. I felt better almost straight away but after 3 years stated to feel naff again. So i had a consultation and the specialist asked me to tell me about my daily schedule. He then changed the times when i take modopar with the same total dose plus just one 1/4 tab more first thing AM. This helped a lot. To help sleep i took a serotonin tab about an hour before bed and a vitamin B to help with appetite. I dont drink coffee past noon and mostly drink decaf. I use fibre supplements to help with constipation. I take my last madopar at 7 pm. To help sleep i use a pillow between my legs, one adjacent to chest to help support free arm my left arm can tremor but i find if i stuff it under my head pillow that helps. I also use a blindfold past dawn and a light fluffy pillow on my head to block out sound. I have breathing exercises to get to sleep i do short deep breath in long shallow breath out x20 and also start telling my body to go to sleep bit by bit starting with my feet. I sleep in 2 hour blocks, urination gets me up. I try to lie on the other side at each return to bed. If I had to give one piece of advice above all else get on the books of a PD specialist and talk to them every 6 months (zoom?) Also try not to nap during the day, stay upright and active during the day as much as you can.