HI All haven’t posted on here since my last Datscan 18mths ago, the results of which stated there was a slight reduction on the side basil ganglia, now fast forward 2years and I have just had my results back from my second Datscan which stated there was a significant change/ loss on the same side which now more suggestive of parkinsonian disorder can anyone out there throw some light on this for me please.
Many Thanks

Have you been diagnosed with Parkinson’s ? If not what did your Neurologist tell you about the changes you have mentioned.

Presumably as you have had two scans you must be experiencing symptoms that required further investigation.

We’re you given a follow up appointment or action plan.

Sorry I can’t be more specific as I am not Neurologist but was diagnosed with PD 10 years ago and have symptoms for 2 year before that.

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Hello wales_1. I am certainly no authority on this subject but I looked up “reduction on the side basil ganglia” and I hope this helps:

Hi, Claire sorry for the delayed reply seen my neurologist 6 weeks ago and he stated that their was a worsening compared to my last Dat scan I had in 2017 , the latest scan showed a reduced uptake in the right putemen and left caudate he has started me on Co - Careldopa I am know on 200mgs 3 times a day I have been on this dose for a month now and I have started to see a slight change in my tremor , I don’t know much about the meds I am on but I am going to research them .
Thanks Phil