Advie please


Hi I'm on sinemet 3 times a day , each dose .lasts 4-5 hrs and having off times . Drs don't want to increase dose at mo . 

Advice needed about what to do when out socialising until late ... What do people do so don't have embarrassing situation when tablet wears off and can't walk ? Delayed evening tab till 7 pm to try and not have this happen but 50 th birthday party went on longer than expected and as was with friends who drove couldn't leave early . By 11 couldn't walk !, 

doi I need to talk to nurse and what should I be asking for ?




hi kittens

I don't have much knowledge on this  others will tell you more, how effective ect, but i believe there's a slow release 'sinemet' or 'sinemet cr' ?? that people use for over night. my self i don't venture out too much beyond what i expect on too be.


We found the Sinemet CR didn't work for my husband.

The neurologist said he believed little and often was the best way and so my husband takes Sinemet every 2 hours and when we go out  and his dose starts wearing off he takes Madopar dispersible with a couple of mouthfuls of water.

It works in about 10 mins and keeps him going until his next dose is due.

He also takes the Madopar before and after a large meal as the food stops his Sinemet being absorbed.

We have found it invaluable to rescue him In a variety of  social situations such as meals out,  cinema visits, unexpectedly late situations.

? Worth a try.

Good luck



I have to use a walking stick to help balance me I am a open book on the PD subject so if I struggle people know why. I am taking 6 l-dopa per day which is Sinemet under another name and 5 pramipexol only went up to the 6 a day mid Jan. The people out there need to learn this is NOT a OAP problem I am 49 and was dx @ 47 twenty months ago. Think about you as you are number 1 don't try to live up to others expectations you will make yourself worse if you try.

kind regards BB