Advise please

Hello I am a carer for my dad who is 91 years of age. His parkinsons has affected his hearing and comprehension, he finds it difficult to follow a conversation unless you talk very slowly. He also has been diagnosed with macular degeneration. In the past he has loved jigsaws but because of his eyesight can no longer see to do them. I am at a lost of something for him to do, because of his hearing talking books dont work. I would welcome any suggestions.

Might he be able to manage a puzzle with extra large pieces - I’m thinking Christmas present perhaps. The pieces are much bigger than standard.

38 Crafts & Sensory Activities for Blind Adults | Safer …

HI Devonmaid3
I googled activities for elderly blind ,and got the link above and there were other links. Am sure you could adapt for your fathers abilities. Please let us know how you get on , what you discover will be helpful to others. good luck

Thank you didnt realise you could get adult puzzles with extra large pieces.

Thank you so much Esme

Can he use headphones to get rid of external noise? If yes then audiobooks can be played at a slightly slower speed in settings. He might need help setting it up but it would give him some escape into a lovely book maybe.