I have recently been diagnosed with drug endiced parkinson (eps). On stoping the medication the symptons have got less, however im still left with a tremour at times mostly at rest, bladder problems small leakage, i feel like i have an inner tremor not visable, my arms feel heavy ( below the elbows) and pain in one arm, and pain in groin area, almost like never ending oain.
My psychiatrist has refered to a neurologist and im awaitning scans. When the symtkns were at thier worst i was prescribed lozrazapm and then procyclinde.
My question are
1 have i got oarkinsons and ssri make symtons worse.
2 is the bladder problem conected
3 do peo peple feel they have inner tremour.
4 the procyclidjne helps, however psychiatrist ( says thier is no need for it as my ssri nedication has stopped.

Hi and welcome to the forum, @C3lma. Our friendly members will be along shortly to say hello, I’m sure. Those are important questions and ones that I hope the neurologist will be able to address when you see them. Meanwhile, you’re having to deal with the symptoms without any answers, which is bound to cause anxiety. Do you have to wait long for your appointment?

You’ll see if you read the information at Types of Parkinsonism | Parkinson's UK that most people do recover within months of stopping the medication that caused their symptoms. I hope this is the case for you.

If you have questions at any time, our helpline has advisers who you can speak to about your concerns. This could be very useful as you wait. Reach them on 0808 800 0303.

Best wishes
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Hello C3lma and welcome to the forum.
As Janice P said it can be a difficult time when you are waiting for answers and the questions you ask are entirely understandable. However it’s not for me to say too much until your diagnosis is clearer. I know that’s not what you want to hear but Parkinson’s is a complex condition with many facets and I think that’s best left safely in the hands of your medical team. What I can say is that your emotions are probably all over the place. You probably veer between feeling positive and wanting to stop the world because you want to get off. Any and all of that and more is normal and is just something you need to go through. If you want a rant or some reassurance or indeed anything that will help you through this difficult time the forum is here 24/7. I hope you are not kept waiting too long for your scans etc and that your diagnosis is clarified as a result.
Best wishes.