Aerobic stepper

Has anyone used an aerobic stepper. My right leg is weak and wondered if it would help while i am waiting to have physio. My local therapy centre says it might not be parkinsons related and wont help being referred to msk team thank you

Hi Caz62 ā€¦ If you live in a house why not use the bottom step of your stairs so that you can hold onto the banister.

My worry with these aerobic steppers is falling / falling off as there is nothing to hold onto.

To be honest Iā€™d avoid.


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I live in a ground floor flat - i will email neuro nurse tom. I can hold onto a side of a chair until i get my confidence or my nordic poles

Hi Caz62 ā€¦ there must be a second floor flat with stairs leading upwards ?
Whatever you feel comfortable doing.