Affects of Sinimet 3x 100 per day

Hi there I hope someone can help me, I have been taking Sinimet  for about a year and it has helped the pain in my shoulder however over the last 2 months I have a flem cough and integestion  I have a bloating feeling as well could it be the results of the sinimet now kicking in?Any advice would be good I have tried taking them with milk and have been taking Omprazole 20 mg.

Hi Diesel dog

Taking Sinemet with any form of protein (i.e.milk) is a bad idea. It severely restricts the efficiency of the Levodopa/Carbidopa medication. Try taking it with fizzy soda.

Thanks Pokermid I will try this I have also had a thought could this be a Ulser I will be going to the doctors tomorrow to check it out.