After DBS

If anyone is interested this is a page on Facebook called The Parkinson's Project, it has been set up by my daughter showing her dad's struggle with PD, he is 48 now and was diagnosed in 2009.

He also had DBS 2 yrs ago and talks about this on the page.


Hi Sarah Louise Just logged into facebook and your page. Its brought tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat. We have 3 adults Sons and they never talk about PD (my Husband is the one with PD) or ask their Dad or me how things are......are they scared at what they think the future may hold? Wish they could be as open and honest as you are around your Dads diagnosis.How long did it take you to accept your Dads diagnoisis and want to help promote awareness? I shall continue to read your page now I have found it. Sending you a massive hug for you and your Dad X


Thank you for looking at the page!

It is my husband that has PD, and my daughter that set up the page.

Our daughter was, I think 14 when her dad was diagnosed and our son was only 9. When we first found out it was a massive shock, and I would say the first year was horrendous, not really knowing what to expect, and ignorantly not really knowing anything about PD.

Dont get me wrong we all struggle at times, but they have always been involved in everything and have always talked to them about everything that's going on.

How long has your husband had PD? Like you say it might be that they are scared of what the future holds.

But if Parkinson's has taught us as a family anything, it is to make the most of every single day!

If you have joined the Facebook page please feel free to message us on there, as my daughter who is now 21 and my son who is now 16 will both see your messages as well if there is anything you would like to ask them.

Sarah x