After sepsis

Hello, I am new to this and would like some clarification if possible. To cut a long story short after a cancer operation a swab was left inside and my husband subsequently had a bad reaction and since then his balance is dreadful, all his joints ache, one finger suddenly locks in a bend, his eyesight has deteriorated, his hearing had been affected and the worst thing is that he is up at least 7 times a night for a tinkle, a normal big one.
So after reading about Parkinson's and that his Gran had it, is it hereditary ?
I am on this site because he refuses to go to any more doctors....
Thanks so much for any help or advice.
Welcome Pooroldhubbie
Parkinson's can be hereditary but in most cases it isn't. It is also a difficult condition to diagnose with certainty even if the person does not have such a complicated medical situation.
If you are worried it is certainly worth getting some advice and it is possible to run some tests that would give more information. The usual first step when dealing with a suspected case of Parkinson's is to test & scan for other possible causes of symptoms. If no other cause can be found it could well be Parkinson's.
I can fully understand that your hubbie may have had enough of doctors for a while (particularly ones that can't count) but he may have to put up with one more

I hope that helps

Elegant Fowl