After Surgery

Hi, my dad has the early stages of PD and he had surgery this week to remove bladder stones. He has been confused/memory loss, is this normal?

Hi @Mike74west and a warm welcome our forum. We wish your dad a very speedy recovery. I’m sure this has been a stressful time for you all. Besides the stress of surgery and the normal ageing process, Parkinson’s can cause some memory and thinking issues. You can read more about this here.

I’m sure that our members will be along soon to add their own stories. You’ll find them very helpful and supportive. As well, you can always contact our Helpline at 0808 800 0303 where we have advisers to answer your questions.

Best wishes to you and your dad,
Forum Moderation Team

Hi Mike74west,

I had surgery last year and the aftermath was not pleasant. It usually takes a longer time for PWP to get over the general anaesthesia. It was 3 weeks for me to get past the anaesthetic brain fog. That said, I am lightweight and drug sensitive. I just could not function though it did get better day by day.

I have attached a link to an article I found recently. About halfway down, there is a section on post operative condition that may be helpful.

I hope your dad gets past this stage quickly.

Take care and best wishes, MAnnie